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Hi, I’m Kate.  I have a busy life with a wonderful partner, a four year old and a one year old.    I work part time, I look after the family, I try to stay fit, I’m a busy girl!  Just like you are too, I’m sure!   

Something my friends and I have spoken about recently is that with life so busy, house to clean, job to do, kids to feed and so on, it’s really hard to keep an active and fulfilling sex life with our partners.  Women can sometimes just…lose the urge….

So, I’ve been looking around for the best female libido supplements and methods for female libido enhancement.  I wanted to learn as much as I could about female libido supplements before I tried anything out, particularly which female libido enhancement products really worked and would help me to get back my ‘mojo’!

This is why I created the EnhanceFemaleLibido.com website to share my research with you and help you find female libido supplements and female libido products that work, that are best for you and the ones to avoid based on real reviews from blogs, forums and message boards.

Sincerely,   Kate

Overall 466stars Her Solution Review   Could this be a game changer?
her solution Her Solution Review   Could this be a game changer?If you are one of the many women who has found that your libido has decreased recently then you are not alone.  More importantly, however, there are things that you can do to revive your sex drive and your sex life!  Women have a complicated body chemistry and this special balance can be upset by a variety of factors.  Often stress and tiredness can play a big part in low female libido, so can medications, including birth control pills or antidepressants, lifestyle circumstances and hormonal changes such as post pregnancy and menopause.  
Her Solution is a product aimed at helping a woman to find and maintain that delicate balance in her body that will see her enjoy intimacy with her partner.  After all, maintaining a strong healthy sex life can really contribute to a strong healthy relationship and family life.  This Her Solution Review looks at how Her Solution works, what it aims to achieve, the advantages and disadvantages – all so that you can make your mind up on whether this product may be right for you.  You may be pleasantly surprised here – this could be a game changer for many!

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 What is Her Solution?

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Overall 466stars Provestra Reviews   Important information you need to know about Provestra
0 Provestra Reviews   Important information you need to know about Provestra

Whether you’re a woman who has small children or you are entering or have been through menopause, dealing with a low libido can be tough on you and your relationship.  There are many products on the market who offer claims of  ’rekindling your desire’ and building back a healthy love life.  Provestra is one such product, but does Provestra really work or is there a ‘Provestra scam’?

If you have been searching the internet for Provestra reviews and looking to potentially buy Provestra then please read on….there are some important details about Provestra that you need to know to understand what it is, how it works and whether Provestra really is right for you…..

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What is Provestra?

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Overall 4stars Her Solution Gel Review   What you really need to know

her solution gel review Her Solution Gel Review   What you really need to knowIf you have seen many Her Solution Gel Reviews on the World Wide Web recently, there is good reason for this.  Female libido enhancement products are increasingly popular! 

There are many reasons why women can experience vaginal dryness during their lives.  Many women experience a lessening of their sex drive combined with vaginal dryness, as they get older. Female hormones may help, if you can take them.  However, they are not a cure-all, and some women are ill advised to take hormone therapy at all. 

Needing some additional lubrication during sex or just wanting a ‘heightened sensitivity’ is not only the realm of the older woman either.  Many younger women are finding benefits from products such as Her Solution Gel and the aim of this HerSolution Gel review is to provide you with the information you should know about the product before you decide to purchase.

Thank goodness that we are living in an age where the subject can be discussed openly!  Let me give you the low down on Her Solution Gel!

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What is HerSolution Gel?

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Overall 366stars Vigorelle reviews   does it work?

vigorelle Vigorelle reviews   does it work?

At some point in their lives, most women will have a decrease in their sex drive. This may be related to circumstances, age, medications, stressors and so forth.  For some women there is a constant battle with low female libido and it can present a really troubling problem for them and their partners.  We’ve researched online Vigorelle reviews and information to save you the trouble.  This Vigorelle review is designed to provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision.

For those women and couples looking to increase the female libido and enhance their sexual experience, libido-enhancing creams may be the answer. However, bringing an unknown product into the bedroom can be a difficult idea to grasp for you and your partner and that is why we have compiled basic information about each product that we recommend so that you can begin an informed and focused review of any supplement before you commit to a purchase.

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What is Vigorelle?

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Overall 3stars Lyriana review   does it really enhance female libido?

lyriana Lyriana review   does it really enhance female libido?Low female libido is a worrying problem for may women. With the female body being vastly different from that of a male. There are many different products out that enhance the male libido but women have been left out for years. So what about the female libido?  Lyriana is a product that targets the female libido and this Lyriana review aims to increase your understanding of the product in order for you to make an informed decision on whether Lyriana is the right female libido supplement for you.

There are virtually dozens of reasons that a woman can suffer from a decreased libido. You are definitely not alone. Women can have painful intercourse, menopause, side effects from other medications, vaginal dryness, pregnancy and other medical conditions that affect our sex drive. Approximately 63 percent of all women over the age of 40 suffer from one of the conditions above and have decreased sexual pleasure even though they are in love with their partners.

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Overall 2stars Zestra reviews   Must read information before you buy Zestra

zestra reviews 300x225 Zestra reviews   Must read information before you buy ZestraGiven that Zestra was initially introduced in 2002 as one option for women who are unable to achieve sexual arousal or satisfaction, there are many Zestra reviews to be found online. Not all are balanced or give you an honest review and appraisal of the product. So, let me try to give you my honest review of the available information to see if Zestra is something that you want to try.

There are several reasons why women may not enjoy sex. Some of them are simply due to the natural progression of our bodies through periods of hormonal change, such as post pregnancy or the onset of menopause, while other explanations include the use of anti-depressants, oral contraceptives and medical conditions that negatively impact sexual feeling.

There are so many women out there ‘in the same boat’ and looking for a female libido supplement or female enhancement gel or cream is a good sign that we women are out there to ‘reclaim our mojo’! So let’s read on and learn how Zestra works, the advantages and disadvantages and how you can go about buying it if you decide you want to try it out.  Be warned though, in this Zestra review my recommendation is to be careful if you do decide to purchase Zestra.  Please, read on!

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Overall 2stars Does Goat Weed work for women?

hornygoatweed 222x300 Does Goat Weed work for women?As you age, aspects of your body do not function as well as in previous years. This includes both sexual desire and the ability to perform sexually. For woman, a dwindling sexual desire is often a frustrating side effect of growing older.  Low female libido isn’t only the realm of the older woman either, it can affect anyone and be due to a range of causes include stress, hormonal changes, medications and more.

There are several options available for individuals experiencing symptoms of a reduced libido and lack of sexual desire. Thankfully many female libido supplements and female enhancement products are available over the counter and offer natural solutions with no side effects. Horny goad weed has been around for decades and millions of woman swear by the product. Does Horny Goat Weed work for women?  And should you try Horny Goat Weed?  Read more to learn about how horny goat weed works.

What is Horny Goat Weed

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1080946 sad silhouette Small study shows treatments that help women with low libidoWe’ve written in the past the many factors that contribute to a woman’s waning libido. There are the external factors like stress, medications, among others. And then there’s the psychological and physical conditions like being on antidepressant drugs  or menopause.

Menopause is a condition that can greatly affect a woman’s libido level. Apart from the usual symptoms like hot/cold flashes, vaginal dryness,fatigues—all contributing to lack of interest in sexual activity, another condition commonly diagnosed among women who are pre or postmenopausal is Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (HSDD).

We recently came across an article that discusses this sexual dysfunction and the possible treatments available. While there are no solid studies made on the possible treatments, some randomised controlled studies, according to the article, mentions three treatments that have shown improvement in sexual desire amongst women who suffer from HSDD.  These treatments are transdermal Testosterone, Buproprion, and Sildenafil.

Studies about these treatments “are new and still have a long way to go to establish safety and efficacy. But they remain promising for women,” writes Dr Justus Peters.

Read more about this possible solution to low libido level brought by HSDD in this article.


461106 bath set Quick tips to boost your libido level How many of us have not experience a drop in sexual drive? If you are just like the other women who juggle many things at once—home chores, work, kids, bills, groceries, deadlines—chances are, having sex and prepping up to have sex are at the bottom of your to-do list. And when the time and opportunity come that you are about to engage in sexual activity, there’s no drive at all.

Sometimes, all it takes to rev up your sex life and rekindle that drive is by giving a little time for yourself. You would be surprised how simple activities can boost your confidence and in effect, makes you want to have sex! Check out some tips below:

Quickie makeover

  •  Style your hair. If you’ve got short hair, there are many products out there that give short ‘do some oomph and sexy flair. If you’ve got long hair that looks limp, try a French roll or a French braid. Seeing your hair looking sexy will make you feel sexy, of course! 
  •  Accessorize. So you’re home wearing your housedress or a set of ratty pajamas. You know what looks best with that outfit? A low sex drive, that’s what!  Just because you’re home and are dressed down doesn’t mean you can’t accessorize. Simple accessories to match your home clothes can do wonders in making yourself feel great.   
  •  Take a hot shower. So you have no luxury of time to soak in the tub surrounded by scented candles. Why not take a hot shower using your favourite scented bath and shower gel?  After you step out of the shower, use a lotion with the same scent. You’ll be smell fantastic for hours, whether you’re sorting laundry or taking a moment to flirt with your man. 
  •  Squeeze in some exercise. Even if you only have five minutes to spare, make sure you squeeze some exercise into the day. Exercising not only tones your body and helps you look great, but it releases endorphins that make you feel great, too.

Learn about natural female libido enhancement – check out our reviews

 19409 dried white rose Women find ways to enhance their libidoWomen have a complicated body chemistry, which when altered could cause imbalance. Sometimes this imbalance is reflected in change of mood and for many,  lack of interest in sex.   

There are many factors that contribute to the decline in woman’s libido level. Stress, tiredness, medications such as antidepressants or even birth control pills are amongst the common culprits for the decrease in female libido. Hormonal changes also contribute to the drop of libido level in women. And as a woman ages, her body goes through continuous hormonal changes. So imagine the impact hormonal changes could do to a woman’s libido!

Having low sex drive can be frustrating especially if you are in a nurturing relationship. But one can not control the factors mentioned above that influence the decline of sexual drive in women. There are just so many things to deal with and unfortunately, even if one doesn’t intend to have her sexual drive affected, it does get compromised.

Women take action, too

But gone are the days when seeking for ways to improve sexual drive is limited to men. These days, women know the importance of having a healthy sex life and they seek ways to address any problem that hinder them from achieving a fulfilling sex life.   

The good news is, one doesn’t have to wait for the ship to come out, so to speak. There are a lot of available options in the market that could enhance female libido. All you have to do is to “swim out to it” and try which among those products work best for you.

Female libido enhancers

To enhance female libido, there should be a lot of blood flow to the clitoris to make it enlarged. That is what libido enhancing supplements do. Aside from increasing blood flow to the clitoris, the entire productivity system will also be strengthened when female libido enhancers are used.

Healthy sexual thoughts are also induced with the help of the female libido enhancement drugs, and so are lubrication and stamina that are required during sexual activity.

Herbs work best

Herbal libido enhancement products are one of the most famous, if not the most famous libido enhancing supplement. Many women opt for herbal supplements because of the natural ingredients, making those safe to use.  

Aside from its potency to improve a woman’s sex drive, herbal libido enhancers are also said to improve memory and concentration and give general energy and glow.   

Learn more about natural female libido products – read this review of Her Solution