Trouble having orgasm? Can female libido supplements help?

If you are one of the many women with trouble having orgasm, then just know that you are not alone!  Difficulty having orgasm occurs with many women and with some time and practice (!) most women can achieve orgasm.  Not being able to have an orgasm can impact upon our overall desire for sex and our sense of self esteem.  After all, we’ve all seen the movies and hear how people talk – apparently we are all supposed to be sex goddesses capable of going all night and having multiple orgasms on demand…oh, sorry…but to reality now!

It not only affects you but can also affect your partner, who may feel inadequate that he or she is unable to satisfy you, which in turn may impact upon your relationship.

There are two main groups who may find this information relevant.  There are those who have never had an orgasm and so really need to ‘learn’ how to get the best out of their own bodies and then there are those who can and have orgasm but find it difficult to achieve regularly or reliably.  

Learning the way

Many women have never had an orgasm and for most, this isn’t a physical incapability, so what’s stopping us?  Mostly, a lack of familiarity with our own body and a lack of practice!  Did you know that for almost 50% of women, their first orgasm came through masturbation?  Unlike men, for whom orgasm is easily achieved, for women it’s a learned skill.  So the best piece of advice here is to take a little time to get to know yourself.  Intimately!  If you can’t make it happen then how on Earth can your partner work it out!

Experiment with yourself, use your fingers, use a vibrator, use some lubricant or stimulating gels (you can check out our recommendations on this here!).    Relax and don’t take things too seriously.  Being uptight can hold you back!

Getting more!

If you are a woman who has experienced orgasm but find it hard, then there may be several reasons for this and things that you can do about each of them

  • Lack of immediate arousal – women often need time to build up to sexual pleasure.  They need foreplay and sufficient arousal to create an environment where the body can have orgasm.  Make sure that you and your partner (or just you if you’re on your own!) spend a little time getting your aroused, stimulating your body to product the lubrication and chemical changes it requires.
  • Loss of libido – If don’t even have a desire for sex it can make having orgasm so much more difficult.  There are many common causes of low female libido and you should look into these and address these where you can.
  • Vaginal dryness – having a dry vagina makes enjoying sex very difficult!  There are definately treatments to help with this and you should definitely address this issue if you want to enjoy sex more and deal with the issue of having orgasm.
  • Hormonal changes – can cause a loss of desire in women, increased vaginal dryness as well as trouble having orgasm.  Hormonal changes can occur post pregnancy, during or after menopause and as a result of various medications.  Obviously some things may resolve of their own accord in time, however, some things won’t and this is where you may need to consider taking matters into your own hands and actively seeking treatment yourself.

Female Libido Supplements – can they help if you have difficulty having orgasm?

Basically, yes.   Female libido supplements can improve libido, enhance sensitivity and heighten your sexual experience.  Not all supplements work for all people and you will find many reviews of supplements which have or have not worked for various users. 
You can try female libido supplements that are taken in a table form and provide natural ingredients in the form of vitamins and herbal preparations designed to increase blood flow to your genital area, increase sexual desire and pleasure.  You can also try lubricating gels and arousal oils that are applied topically.  You can also combine the two!

If you have trouble having orgasm then there are things you can do to help.  Firstly make sure you identify potential causes and look at ways to alleviate these issues.  You can also look at the various female libido supplements and stimulating gels that can enhance your sexual experiences.

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